Health benefits of cooking food at home

Cooking at home has many advantages. To mention a few, it helps you take a nutritious meal, save money, and you are confident of food safety among others. Besides the ingredients, you should consider getting a decent cooker from This way, you will be able to prepare quality foods and enjoy the benefits that come with healthy eating.

Health benefits of cooking at home


This is one of the major reasons to consider homemade aZScaasdcameals other than eating from restaurants or other food joints. Most restaurants incorporate lots of sugars, fats, sodium, and carbohydrates when cooking, which are unhealthy when consumed in large amounts.

Besides, most restaurants prefer cooking refined foods as compared to unrefined ones. In a restaurant, it is certainly hard to get a nutritious meal. On the other hand, a homemade meal allows you to control what you eat. Best of it all you can easily avoid what you consider unhealthy.

Better nutrition decisions

Cooking allows you to learn different aspects that relate to food. For instance, you can quickly identify foods that cause you allergic reactions. More to this, when preparing meals, you get to learn the different nutrients present in a portion of food. Consequently, this allows you make healthy food choices.

Portion size moderation

When you purchase food from a restaurant, it is hard to control portion sizes. Therefore, if you are used to taking restaurant meals, this can certainly result in obesity. On the other hand, if you prepare food at home, you can easily regulate the portion sizes of the food prepared.

Fosters healthy eating habits

Are you a victim of poor dietary behaviors? If yes, then you should try out preparing your meals. Cooking gives you an opportunity to try out new recipes. Also, cooking gives you an easy time to stick to your meal plan. With this in place, you and your family are sure of having healthy eating habits.

Food safety

This is another incredible benefit of cooking at home. You can never be confident of food safety when purchasing aZSdcazdcaSdxsafood from a restaurant. This may instill fear especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Cooking at home gives you an opportunity to check the ingredients. Also, it is possible to ensure safety by checking on the cooking temperatures and storage temperatures.

Stress free

Cooking at home is a cheaper option when compared to buying foods at a restaurant on a daily basis. Whether you are doing a family meal or an individual meal, you should try stick to cooking homemade meals. With this in place, you will notice that you are saving some coins. This not only ensures you stick to your budget but also saves you from stress.…


Getting Rid Of Yellow Teeth

Teeth discoloration can have a significant effect on our self-esteem. They can also give a wrong impression about you. In most instances, most people associate the yellow color with poor dental hygiene. What makes one’s teeth yellow? Ideally, yellowness is caused by staining. This is common to individuals that take acidic foods, drink coffee, beer, and colored foods. However, you can always do something about this situation. Here are some things that can help you get rid of yellow teeth.

Proper dental hygiene

Proper dental hygiene goes a long way SAaZDSxASxin lessening the yellow color in teeth. It is advisable to brush teeth for at least three times a day and to floss regularly. This has the effect of removing stains from your teeth. The idea is to prevent accumulation of food substances in your mouth. A collection of colored foods has the effect in increasing the chances of staining your teeth.

Use whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are effective teeth whitening solutions. However, these products are recommended to individuals with mildly stained teeth. If you feel that the stains are too much, you should look for better alternatives like teeth whitening strips or dental veneers.

Try some home remedies

Some home remedies can reduce the intensity of the yellow tint in your teeth. You can try using something some baking soda to brush your teeth. You will see marked improvement with consistent application of such home remedies. However, most of these home solutions are not as efficient as clinical methods.

Use whitening strips

zsczsvzsaszWhitening strips are some of the best teeth whitening products you can have. These strips contain a bleaching agent. The main bleaching agent used is hydrogen peroxide. For optimal results, it is advisable to use these strips at least two times a day. You also need to ensure you are using quality strips for you to get the best results. You might ask your doctor for the recommendation about the same.

Visit a dentist – veneers

The best solution when looking to whiten teeth is to visit a dentist. With a dentist, you stand to gain from the use of the best smile make over procedures like dental veneers. Veneers are not only good for tooth discoloration, but they also fix other dental imperfections. In this regard, anyone with dental imperfections that holds them back from smiling should consider having some porcelain veneers queens. Porcelain veneers will undoubtedly make you attractive as well.…


Pneumonia – What are its causes and possible treatments?

Pneumonia is one of the most common respiratory ailments that both children and adults may suffer from. It may sound like a simple health condition, but if neglected or left untreated, it can actually lead to complications that may even cause death. This is why it is important that you seek medical attention at the onset of any diseases that are related to the respiratory system.


This particular condition may affect the left or right lung, but in some instances, the bacteria, virus, or parasites may also spread to both lungs. Once this happens, the ‘alveoli’ (air sacs in the lungs) will be filled up with fluid, or even pus, which makes it hard for the person affected to breathe properly.


Like what we have said earlier, anyone, regardless of the age, can get Pneumonia. But most likely, people who have a weak immune system have a higher chance of getting this ailment. If you are a smoker, you have higher chances of having Pneumonia than a person who does not smoke. The same is true if you recently had another respiratory infection.


Nowadays, the medical industry continues to conduct studies regarding the most efficient ways to address the different respiratory problems including Penumonia.

Here are some of the best ways in which Pneumonia can be treated:

Home treatment

Mild cases of Pneumonia can be treated using home remedies. You just have to make sure that you are getting enough rest. It will also help a lot if you increase your intake of fluid, most especially water. You also need to eat fruits that are rich in Vitamin C to boost your immune system.


If you visit a doctor, he or she will prescribe some medicines depending on the type of Pneumonia that you have. Make sure that you take them as prescribed without fail. Otherwise, your health condition may get worse.



If you are suffering from a serious case of Pneumonia, especially if it involves other complications already, you will be admitted to the hospital, so you will be monitored and given intravenous antibiotics. This will help get rid of the virus or bacteria that is in your system. You may also undergo therapy if needed.…


Foods that are good for the lungs

Millions of people are suffering from the different respiratory diseases, and a huge percentage of them are smokers. This is why experts will gather once again and share their knowledge and expertise on how to combat such diseases. But there is no better way to spare yourself from a possible sudden death than to stay away from cigarettes.

As we all know, smoking tobacco products is very dangerous since they contain harmful chemicals that can cause lung cancer and other deadly diseases. These ailments that are life-threatening include Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Cancer, and Coronary Heart Diseases. If you have noticed, most of which affect the heart and the lungs – both are major organs, and they may shut down anytime.

So, if you would like to continue enjoying life, you need to quit smoking and start living a healthy lifestyle. You can start doing so by eating healthy foods especially those that are good for the lungs.

Lung-friendly foods

The list of foods that can help you ensure a healthy respiratory system can go on and on, but we are going to highlight those that are best for your lungs. Take a look at the following:


jhdjhd874Aside from the amazing weight loss effects of eating apples, it can also help you maintain healthy lungs. This fruit is packed with vitamins that aid the lungs to function efficiently.

According to medical studies, eating an apple as well as drinking its pure juice will help you breathe properly. If you have a respiratory tract infection or pneumonia, and you notice a wheezing sound when you breathe, this fruit will surely help treat the inflammation and prevent other complications.


Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which improves the body’s immune system. With better immunity, the body will be able to fight bacteria and infections that may affect the lungs. This is exactly the reason why people who are afflicted with lung diseases are encouraged to eat more fish, which is known for its health benefits.


This type of citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C. Aside from it can strengthen the immune system, it is also a good antioxidant. The vitamins that it contains help in cleansing the lungs. Hence it aids in keeping the respiratory system function at its best.



Garlic is well-known for its medicinal properties. It is used to treat inflammation as well as to reduce risks of lung cancer.…

Tips For Prevention Of Respiratory Diseases

In the modern world, respiratory diseases have become prevalent in individuals of all age sets. Respiratory diseases usually range from mild infections such as cold and flu to other more life threatening diseases. Most people tend to think that infections bringing about these conditions are a matter of chance but this is totally false. Some predisposing factors play a large part when it comes to this category of diseases, and the good news is they can be prevented
The following is an overview of valuable tips to prevention of respiratory diseases

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is perhaps one of the most common causes of respiratory infections. As you might well know, cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals most of which are considered as being very toxic. The smoke not only damages the airways but also can cause extensive damage to the lungs especially in cases where an individual has been smoking for many years. The irritation due to the toxins within the cigarette smoke usually brings about adverse side effects making an individual susceptible to respiratory diseases.
As such, quitting smoking is highly recommended. However, this is not always easy, but there are some support programs and alternative options: such as smoke patches that can go a long way in helping one achieve this.

Avoid Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand cigarette smoke also has the potential to cause effects similar to that of first-hand cigarette smoke. Given this, it would be in your best interest to give a wide berth to areas where there is second-hand smoke. If a member of the family is a smoker, ensure that no smoking is carried out within the house or if in a bar, stay away from the smoking zone.

Beware Of Pollution

Air pollution also contributes significantly to cases of respiratory disease. Air pollution is not only limited to the outside but can also be experienced within your home. Wood burning stoves, fireplaces, candles and even air fresheners are some of the most common pollutants that can irritate your airways bringing about a respiratory infection.

Get Immunized

There are quite some immunizations available for mild respiratory infections. Some of the most common vaccines available in the market include influenza vaccines, pneumococcal vaccines and even pertussis vaccines which have the capacity to prevent whooping cough. It is recommended that you find out which vaccines are available for your specific area and get immunized so as to reduce your chances of getting infected.

Exercise And Good Diet

As you may already know, most of the mild respiratory infections tend to attack individuals who have a weak immune system.Given this, ensure that your immune system is at its best so as not to fall victim to mild respiratory infections such as flu and a common cold. But how do you go about doing this?
For starters, exercising is considered as the best way through which you can strengthen your immune system. A healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits also plays a large part, and as such, you should always ensure your diet features these essential components.

Avoid Infections

Last but not least, some respiratory diseases such as a common cold are communicable. Take appropriate measures when around an infected person to avoid infections.
By following the tips mentioned above for the prevention of respiratory diseases, you …

Causes of Respiratory Diseases

In the modern world, respiratory diseases have emerged as one of the most prevalent medical conditions affecting individuals of all age groups. The term respiratory diseases is a broad term and as a norm usually covers common respiratory diseases to life threatening conditions that influence the respiratory system. When it comes to respiratory diseases, it is recommended that individuals should have an understanding of the most common causes of respiratory diseases so as to be able to protect themselves from these infections better. This said the following overview on causes of respiratory diseases will help shed more light on this.


Smoking is perhaps one of the leading causes of respiratory infections. Research has shown that cigarette smoke contains over 4000 different toxic chemicals. When inhaled, these chemicals have a detrimental effect on not only the lungs but also the air pipes. For starters, the smoke can progressively destroy the alveoli in the lung bringing about impaired breathing or even constrict the airways incapacitating the breathing process.
People who smoke are also predisposed to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. This is because smoking progressively weakens the respiratory with the result being the system being highly susceptible to infections.

Allergens And Pollutants

Allergens are also a major contributing factor when it comes to respiratory diseases. This is because they not only have the capacity to bring about a medical condition but can also trigger a condition such as asthma. As a norm, allergens cause persistent inflammation of the airways resulting in wheezing and even shortness of breath.
Allergens can be in any form with the most common being dust, mite, pet hair and even pollen grains. Pollutants, on the other hand, include asbestos, wood smoke, dust and even heavy industrial smoke.

Communicable Infections

Deadly pulmonary infections also feature prominently in the list of possible causes of respiratory diseases. As you may well know, there is a class of respiratory illness which is classified as being communicable. Simply put, if you come in close contact with an individual suffering from such a respiratory condition, chances of infection are very high.
Tuberculosis is perhaps one of the most notable in this group. As a norm, it is easily communicable when one inhales mucus droplets from the air after a patient sneezes. Given this, it is recommended that one should employ appropriate measures when close to individuals affected by these conditions so as to avoid getting infected. Common cold, sore throat and influenza are other communicable mild respiratory diseases that fall under this category.

Weak Immune System

As a norm, the human body is exposed to hundreds of infections; including respiratory infections, but in most instances can fight them off. However, for an individual who has a weak immune system, the body is not able to fight off infections that would have otherwise been fought off in a usual scenario, and the result is an illness.
A good example would be a common cold. Frequent bouts of a common cold usually soften the ground for other more severe respiratory infections. To avoid this, it is recommended that an individual should strengthen the immune system through exercising and proper diet.

By taking note of the causes mentioned above of respiratory diseases, an individual can be able to prevent these diseases better…

ERS Annual Congress – Amsterdam 2011

Amsterdam: international capital of respiratory medicine and research

It isanhonour to be able to welcome for the first time an ERS Annual Congress to Amsterdam, a city renowned for its cultural diversity, world-class museums and one of the world’s great orchestras. And, after a full day of Congress sessions, there is nothing better than a stroll along one of the city’s many beautiful tree-lined canals.
You will find the RAI Congress centre spacious and easily accessible, just a few tram stops from the city centre – or, in the best Dutch way, a short bicycle ride. All the exciting features and services you have come to expect from the world’s most successful respiratory events will be again in evidence – and more.
Our thanks go to the Amsterdam Programme Committee for developing a scientific programme at once comprehensive and rewarding, matching the latest in respiratory research and clinical practice with discussion and debate at the various symposia and grand rounds focusing on issues of concern both to the respiratory professional and a wider public.
We are also proud to welcome the inaugural HERMES European examination in paediatric medicine on the Congress opening day. As many of you are aware, the decision in May 2010 by the Netherlands to use HERMES as a means of implementing an in-training assessment programme for adult respiratory medicine trainees places it in the vanguard of European harmonisation.
The ERS Annual Congress is the once-a-year occasion when the world’s respiratory experts and professionals converge on a European city to meet, exchange views and share knowledge. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam, September 2011, capital of the Netherlands and, for five days, international capital of respiratory medicine and research.

Science andthe city: the perfect match!
Elisabeth Bel
Congress Chair
Peter Sterk
Congress Co-Chair


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