Natural weight loss supplements

When having the perfect body requires losing weight, you need to do regular exercises and a strict diet. Maintaining that routine until you reach your ideal body mass may require a lengthy time. To hasten up the process, don’t be afraid to take a little help from our friends called supplements. Supplements with artificial blends of worthless minerals give a bad rap towards the reputation of supplements since the slim down effect is only short-lived. Instead, opt for natural ones with certain nutrient concentrations, vitamins, and minerals found in nature. These have the abilities to help the body process nutrients better and improve the body’s metabolism in order to lose fat, and as a result, you will lose weight. With combining a great workout routine and a healthy diet with taking natural supplements, you will have your ideal body in no time. Here are some natural weight loss supplements for your consideration.

Garcinia cambogia

neje823The extract of this small green pumpkin like fruit called garcinia cambogia does wonders in terms of weight loss. It is the hydroxycitric acid of this fruit’s skin that makes up the active ingredient of this extract which is turned into a dietary pill. With this pill, it can increase serotonin levels and inhibit an enzyme in the body for fat-producing that can potentially help in reducing cravings. The side effects are proven to be small and possibly unnoticeable with its proven modest weight loss abilities.


This supplement comes from the root extract of a purple-flowered plant called Coleus Forskohlii. It is called the miracle flower for a reason. It also contains extracts of the Indian Coleus which has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for holistic healing for hundreds of years. With the ability of this supplement called forskolin to catalyze the transformation of ATP into cAMP, it helps improve the body’s metabolism, fat burning abilities, and energy use which in turn helps in losing weight. Other than weight loss benefits, forskolin also has a variety of added health benefits that make it extra beneficial in taking care of our body’s health.

Green coffee bean

l896sgvThe extract of green coffee beans is quite beneficial in terms of losing body mass. Green coffee beans are your usual coffee beans, but they just haven’t been roasted yet. It contains caffeine that helps with fat burning abilities and also chlorogenic acid that helps slow down the decomposition of carbohydrates. An added benefit is its rich supply of antioxidants.