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Cooking at home has many advantages. To mention a few, it helps you take a nutritious meal, save money, and you are confident of food safety among others. Besides the ingredients, you should consider getting a decent cooker from This way, you will be able to prepare quality foods and enjoy the benefits that come with healthy eating.

Health benefits of cooking at home


This is one of the major reasons to consider homemade aZScaasdcameals other than eating from restaurants or other food joints. Most restaurants incorporate lots of sugars, fats, sodium, and carbohydrates when cooking, which are unhealthy when consumed in large amounts.

Besides, most restaurants prefer cooking refined foods as compared to unrefined ones. In a restaurant, it is certainly hard to get a nutritious meal. On the other hand, a homemade meal allows you to control what you eat. Best of it all you can easily avoid what you consider unhealthy.

Better nutrition decisions

Cooking allows you to learn different aspects that relate to food. For instance, you can quickly identify foods that cause you allergic reactions. More to this, when preparing meals, you get to learn the different nutrients present in a portion of food. Consequently, this allows you make healthy food choices.

Portion size moderation

When you purchase food from a restaurant, it is hard to control portion sizes. Therefore, if you are used to taking restaurant meals, this can certainly result in obesity. On the other hand, if you prepare food at home, you can easily regulate the portion sizes of the food prepared.

Fosters healthy eating habits

Are you a victim of poor dietary behaviors? If yes, then you should try out preparing your meals. Cooking gives you an opportunity to try out new recipes. Also, cooking gives you an easy time to stick to your meal plan. With this in place, you and your family are sure of having healthy eating habits.

Food safety

This is another incredible benefit of cooking at home. You can never be confident of food safety when purchasing aZSdcazdcaSdxsafood from a restaurant. This may instill fear especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Cooking at home gives you an opportunity to check the ingredients. Also, it is possible to ensure safety by checking on the cooking temperatures and storage temperatures.

Stress free

Cooking at home is a cheaper option when compared to buying foods at a restaurant on a daily basis. Whether you are doing a family meal or an individual meal, you should try stick to cooking homemade meals. With this in place, you will notice that you are saving some coins. This not only ensures you stick to your budget but also saves you from stress.…

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Amsterdam: international capital of respiratory medicine and research

It isanhonour to be able to welcome for the first time an ERS Annual Congress to Amsterdam, a city renowned for its cultural diversity, world-class museums and one of the world’s great orchestras. And, after a full day of Congress sessions, there is nothing better than a stroll along one of the city’s many beautiful tree-lined canals.
You will find the RAI Congress centre spacious and easily accessible, just a few tram stops from the city centre – or, in the best Dutch way, a short bicycle ride. All the exciting features and services you have come to expect from the world’s most successful respiratory events will be again in evidence – and more.
Our thanks go to the Amsterdam Programme Committee for developing a scientific programme at once comprehensive and rewarding, matching the latest in respiratory research and clinical practice with discussion and debate at the various symposia and grand rounds focusing on issues of concern both to the respiratory professional and a wider public.
We are also proud to welcome the inaugural HERMES European examination in paediatric medicine on the Congress opening day. As many of you are aware, the decision in May 2010 by the Netherlands to use HERMES as a means of implementing an in-training assessment programme for adult respiratory medicine trainees places it in the vanguard of European harmonisation.
The ERS Annual Congress is the once-a-year occasion when the world’s respiratory experts and professionals converge on a European city to meet, exchange views and share knowledge. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam, September 2011, capital of the Netherlands and, for five days, international capital of respiratory medicine and research.

Science andthe city: the perfect match!
Elisabeth Bel
Congress Chair
Peter Sterk
Congress Co-Chair


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Congress Calendar

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Educational Programme

The educational programme, covers all aspects of respiratory medicine, and will include the following:

Scientific Programme

The Scientific Programme of the Congress is availableon…

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