Breathing Tips

We might hardly ever be conscious that we are doing so, but at any given time we are always breathing. Most of the time we take breathing for granted, we disconnect from it while simultaneously depend on it. However, did you know that breathing better not only helps improve our concentration, body functions and even the quality of life? Well, it does. But how does one breathe better? Well, the following overview on some of the most valuable tips on how to breath better will help shed more light on this.


Breathing better is not only related to the normal breathing routines but learning to breathe better can also come in handy especially for individuals who have respiratory conditions such as asthma. There are quite some techniques that can help one breathe better and exercising is one of the most notable.
As you may well know, exercising works all areas of the body, including the cardiovascular system. When exercising, the lungs and airways are stretched to their maximum capacity as they try to supply the body with sufficient amount of oxygen to sustain the increased physical activity. This is considered as being advantageous as it strengthens the respiratory system resulting in better breathing during normal activities.

Breathe Through Your Nose Not Your Mouth

This might seem as quite obvious, but in most instances, it’s ignored. When you breathe through your nose, you tend to exert yourself lesser when compared to breathing through your mouth. However, this is not the only reason why it is recommended that you breathe through your nose for better breathing.
The air contains quite some toxins including dust and even allergens. The human nose has been specifically designed with this in mind and as a norm has tiny hairs and mucus which trap these particles preventing them from reaching the lungs. When you breathe through your mouth, these particles are inhaled into the lungs, and it is thus recommended that the nose should be used for better breathing.

Breathing Patterns

The use of breathing patterns also comes highly recommended when it comes to better breathing. As a norm, the body dictates the breathing pattern based on the oxygen demand, but this does not necessarily mean that you cannot be able to come up with your breathing pattern for better breathing.
For instance, a few deep breaths are recommended when you wish to increase your concentration level. Deep breaths alternated by shallow breaths are also effective when relieving anxiety and stress. You can also practice yoga breathing techniques so as to improve your physical senses

Essential Oils

Research has also shown that inhalation of essential oils can also go a long way in helping one relax and breathe easier. There are quite some essential oils that can be used to achieve this with the most common being eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. These oils have the capacity to reduce allergic inflammations and are effective when it comes to asthma and sinus congestions

By considering the above tips and techniques on how to breath better, you can be well on your way to a happy healthier breathing life.