Abstracts Grants

Abstract’s Grants
When submitting an abstract, you have various opportunities to apply for a Grant. The Grants based on an abstract for the ERS Congress Amsterdam 2011 are:

Annual Inflammatory Airway Diseases and Clinical Allergy Grant
Supported by ChiesiGroup
3 grants of respectively € 2,000, € 1,000 and € 500
Cell and Molecular Biology Young Scientist Travel Grant
Supported by AstraZeneca
5 grants of € 1,500 each
Excellence Grant in Exercise and Gas Exchange
Supported by MEDGRAPHICS
1 grant of € 1,500
François Brenot Grant
Supported by AstraZeneca
1 grant of € 1,000
Grant for Best Abstract in Rehabilitation & Chronic Care
Supported by Respifor Nutricia
3 grants of € 600
Interventional Pulmonology Travel Grant
Supported by Olympus Europa Holding GmbH
2 grants of € 1,000 each
Noninvasive Ventilation Grant
Supported by ResMed Inc
2 grants of € 1,500 each
Occupation and Epidemiology Young Investigator Grant
Offered by Mobile Health
1 Blackberry® Smart Phone
is offered to the presenting author who has submitted the best abstract
Travel Grant for Sleep Medicine
Supported by Geräte für Medizin GmbH + Co. KG
3 grants of € 1,000 each
Travel Grant for the best abstracts on COPD
Supported by Boehringer Ingelheim
15 grants of € 1,000 each
Tuberculosis Investigator Research Grant
Supported by Autoimmun Diagnostika (AID)
1 grant of € 2,000
Young Researcher Grant: Respiratory Infection Aetiological Diagnosis
Supported by Brahms GmbH
1 grant of € 1,500
Young Researcher Grant: Tuberculosis
Supported by Oxford Immunotec Ltd
1 grant of € 1,500

Notification for the application will be communicated directly to the Grants’ recipients.